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What Traits to Look for In a Senator

Senators must possess certain qualities that qualify them for office. It may be difficult for politicians to live up to these qualities but it is good to expect them to live up to it.

The character traits are nothing special but it is good to be possessed by someone in a leadership position. The traits should be combined with what they do in their position of leadership. Here are some qualities that we want our leaders to possess when they are fulfilling their duties to the country.

A senator should not base decisions on favors he has gained from someone or from his ambitions or goals for himself but if he is to be just his decisions are based on pure facts, even considering opposing views after carefully considering the pros and cons.

A senator makes the best decisions he can within the time allotted based on facts. He decisions come from a strong sense of his own core values, from facts, and from reality.

A senator is always there to do his job. Every vote is important for him. When a senator is dependable voting is not always following the party line.

Initiative is one good trait of a senator. You were elected partly because of the issues you promised to look after. Attack these issues. Find out what is being done about these issues and get involved with it. A good senator starts to do something about the issue if nothing is still being done about it.

He makes the call after weighing everything he has access to. He adjusts with change. The cycle is to observe, orient, decide, and act. This is a never ending cycle. As General Patton JR once said, “A good plan executed today is better than a perfect plan executed at some indefinite point in the future.

A good senator is not offensive yet he tells it straight whether it is the absolute good, bad or ugly. He does not undermine courage, integrity or judgment due to tact. It is part of his bearing to be polite, but sometimes when there is too much politeness, the message is lost.

A senator must possess integrity, which is one of the most important characters a leader must have. Everything you do is tainted if you do not have integrity. When the truth is more important to you than politics then you are a person with integrity. Leaders should not hide the truth with a lie.

A good senator is enthusiastic. Why run for office if you don’t love it? You don’t run for an office you don’t want.

We don’t know if unselfishness can characterize any politician. It is culturally ingrained to make the deal and get the money. It is not realistic to expect unselfish politicians. No one wants a selfish leader.
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