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A Guide On How To Obtain A Business Loan

It is no secret that the economic recession in 2008 had a huge impact on all of our banks in terms of their lending criteria. As our economy recovers from this recession, young entrepreneurs will have to count on our banks and other loaning establishments to support their growing business. They will definitely need to loan money for their business to become successful. The dilemma that most entrepreneurs face is the fact that it is now very difficult to apply for a business loan, this is because of the great recession in 2008. Even though getting a business loan is not an easy task, in this article, allow me to provide you some helpful tips that may serve as your guide when you are applying for a business loan of your own.

1. Have a strong existing banking relationship

If you have a good banking relationship, the chances of you obtaining a business loan will significantly increase. It would be very beneficial for you if you apply for a bank that offers personal or business checking accounts. As we all know, banks will make money if they earn more in the interest they charge in their loans versus the payouts they give to their depositors. If by any chance you apply for a business loan with a bank where you have made multiple deposits, they can easily approve your business loan because of your good relationship with them. If other people like and trust you, they would love to do business with you.

2. Prepare a simple yet practical business loan proposal

You must keep in mind that these banks receive a lot of business loan requests everyday. A lot of bankers will not mention this to you but they would really love to receive and approve business loan proposals that are not too detailed, they prefer receiving practical ones. You must only include the important parts of your business along with your information in your proposal.

3. Give them a compelling presentation

Combine having a simple and practical proposal with a compelling presentation and your business loan is very likely to be approved. This is important in order for you to leave a good impact on the banker. Always remember that it is the duty of these bankers to review and analyze thousands of requests in a week, you must have an edge with the others. Make sure that you catch the attention and interest of your banker when giving your presentation.

Applying for a business loan is not as easy as it seems, however, if you remember and apply all of these helpful tips, you are guaranteed to increase your chances of obtaining a business loan.


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Improve Your Health with Electronic Cigarettes

If you are a smoker and are thinking of changing your lifestyle by quitting smoking and improving your health, then you should learn more about electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have been open to the public just lately, and it is an awesome device that mimics cigarettes but is a good deal healthier. Electronic cigarettes are also becoming the most loved gadget of cigarette users who wish to give up smoking as it is more potent than a nicotine gum or a nicotine patch.

The current design of the electronic cigarettes available these days is definitely better than the ones available a few years ago. Firstly it is a lot smaller than the bulky electronic cigarettes before that had lesser sales because it was not user friendly and secondly, smokers believe that the smaller electronic cigarettes these days feel more like genuine cigarettes, hence, they are better to use. What is fantastic about electronic cigarettes is that it has nicotine and artificial tobacco flavoring so it tastes like authentic cigarettes but without all the harmful chemicals found in actual cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes have a battery, and atomizer and a nicotine chamber inside a cylindrical casing that makes it look and feel like an actual cigarette when you hold it and it also has an LED light at the tip that fires up when you breathe in and it even enables you to release smoke. The nicotine chamber also makes the electronic cigarette a great tool for people who want to quit smoking because you can load different strengths of nicotine in it. This enables cigarette smokers to not reduce the volume they smoke but just restrict the nicotine content, consequently making it less difficult for them to steadily decrease their nicotine dependency without making the effort of lowering the volume they smoke a day. Moreover, electronic cigarettes also does not release damaging substances, contrary to genuine cigarettes, therefore they are legal to smoke in public places. With electronic cigarettes, you do not have to be worried of secondhand smoke and air pollution. Having the capacity to smoke it just about anywhere is also extremely beneficial for individuals that reside in colder countries since they no longer have to leave the house just to enjoy a smoke.
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Since it is not necessary to be bothered of secondhand smoke, non-smokers can mix with smoker liberally and persons who have tobacco users in their homes will no longer need to bother about getting ailments due to continuous exposure to secondhand smoke. Another great thing is that electronic cigarettes are very much cheaper in the long run in comparison to genuine cigarettes due to the fact that once you have acquired the electronic cigarette, you will only invest a little cash on refills since they last long.Where To Start with Wellness and More

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Hiring a Tax Return Preparer: How Do You Do It Right?

Tax preparation is a task coupled with challenge and responsibility. If you know you cannot do it, then it would be advisable to just hire someone who can. However, if you have to pay someone to carry out this important job, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right person. Whatever is on your tax return, the IRS will hold you liable and responsible for all of them even if you are the one who’s preparing it. So many companies today do not choose a tax return preparer carelessly. They often select a person who is professional, well-experienced and honest. Kindly read on to know how to get a good tax return preparer for your company.

Check the Qualifications of the Preparer

The new regulations demand that all individuals preparing tax returns for companies must have a PTIN or Preparer Tax Identification Number. In addition to ensuring the person you choose has a PTIN, you have to ask if he is a member of a professional accounting or tax preparation organization. In addition to that, your hired preparer must be attending a continuing education programs for tax preparation in order to provide you with the assurance that he can handle the job in accordance to the updated regulations of the IRS. To add, the IRS is bringing in a brand new test requirement for those paid tax preparers who are not an attorney, CPA or enrolled agent. If this test is passed, it will make one a Registered Tax Return Preparer.

Check the History of the Preparer

Checking the history of the person before coming up with a decision to take him as your tax preparer matters a lot. You need to verify if the tax preparer is having some questionable standing with the Better Business Bureau. You may also check with the state boards of accounting for certified public accountants, the IRS Office of Enrollment for enrolled agents and state bar associations for lawyers if there had been any disciplinary action sanctioned on the preparer and what is status may be.

Check Out How Much You Will Have to Pay to the Preparer

Tax preparations may come with different methods for charging companies. However, it is often not recommended to select a preparer who bases his fees on your refund. In addition to that, do not choose a preparer who claims that he has provided larger refunds to your companies than other preparers can. Also, you have to make sure that the refund of taxes are sent to your company’s bank account number.

Source: online tax return